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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Raise a glass to Art

My Dad passed away tonight.  I knew the end was near, but I didn't think today was the day.  It came so quick.  We went in with a little Easter dinner for him to find his room being cleaned up.  His aid took us down to ICU where he was in the midst of being coded.  The doctor came out to talk to us and we told her he had a DNR in place so they stopped and let him go.  About the time he started coding we had been talking about how we hoped he would go quickly and his heart would just give out on him.  It's been so hard to see him waste away and be so helpless.  He must have told me a dozen times how he hated being in the hospital and being so weak and dependent.  Though I wouldn't have wanted him to suffer any more than he already has, I didn't expect it to be today.  I guess you never so.  So please raise a glass to Art, one of the best human beings to ever have walked this earth.

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  1. Raising a glass - loved your dad Beck and always felt very welcomed by him. Hugs to all of you during this time.